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    Well hello...

    I’m Emma. I write for businesses that can't (or don't want to) write for themselves.

  • Think of me as your hype girl.

    Whatever your story, I will tell it.


    When you outsource, you need the person to ‘get it’. I listen to the story behind your brand, carve out the objectives and share your message clearly. If you care, then I care - simple!


    You can have the best service or product in the world, but if you waffle, clients won't respect you, and will question if you even know what you're doing. I'm on a mission to spruce up brand messaging. If you're after crystal-clear content then you're in the right place.


    With a corporate and Higher Education background, I’ve built a reputation based on no-nonsense, friendly direct messaging.


    So, what's your story?


    • MA (Hons) English: Language and Linguistics | University of Aberdeen

    • Understanding Human Nutrition | The Open University

    • Counselling Skills Certificate (COSCA Accredited) | University of Aberdeen


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