• The Word Concierge – T&Cs


    Before we start work, please read on as a friendly note to my terms and conditions. If you sign a contract with me, you agree to adhere to these. I’m insured by Hiscox.



    1. I charge upfront


    a. I refuse to spend time chasing invoices. For every minute I spend chasing payment, I lose in writing for you or another client. My time is limited, and I'd rather spend that doing what I do best - writing!


    b. To book work in advance, I charge a 50% deposit to secure your slot in my diary, and a 50% balance before the work commences.


    c. If you have a bigger project that involves multiple pieces of work, we can break down each invoice per item, and I will work on each piece as I am paid for them.


    2. Revisions


    a. There are two rounds of revisions per piece of work. You have 7 days to review and respond to each round. If at the end of this I haven’t heard from you then I assume you’re happy. I'm strict on this as I have multiple clients, and each are allocated time slots for me to make edits.


    b. Please kindly note you can request edits of a reasonable amount (approx. 10% of the brief in the first revision, and then minor edits to the second).


    3. Deadlines


    a. I will work to the agreed deadline however I can only do this if you have provided me all that I need to do so (payment, brief, resources, feedback, etc). If there’s a delay at your end, then it pushes the deadline back. I will do my best to accommodate a new deadline or we can discuss the option of a rushed fee.


    b. I cannot be held responsible for missed deadlines due to circumstances beyond my control such as illness, personal emergencies, or technological failures. If I haven’t started work at the time of said emergency (and in the unlikelihood I can’t get back on my feet in time) then I will refund you 100%, and reach out to my network to see if any other copywriters can help.


    4. Communication and Your Responsibilities


    a. I'm hot on communication, and this is a two-way relationship. The best results will be achieved through excellent communication and feedback on your part. I expect you to explain to me, fully and clearly, what your requirements are, and respond promptly.


    b. It is your responsibilty to provide me with correct and factual information. I cannot be held liable for incorrect or false statistics, quotes, testimonials etc that I go on to feature in my work that was provided by you. It is also your responsibility to read and check the final piece is accurate and fit for purpose before you go on to publish or print.


    5. Refunds and Cancellations


    a. Work that has been completed: please be aware you’re paying for my time and skill. Refunds are not available for content fully created. It's in my interest to produce the best work possible (according to your brief and specifications) for you. Once it’s completed, that’s the end of the contract. If you change your mind or decided you no longer need the piece, I can’t get my time back, therefore a refund is not possible.


    b. If you've paid 100% of the invoice (deposit and balance), you're entitled to a 50% refund if you cancel and I've not yet started work on your piece (the remaining 50% should be considered a cancellation fee). Please note, the window to cancel is small since I charge the balance right before work commences (see clause 1. b).


    c. If you've paid a 50% deposit but decide not to proceed with the project, this is treated as a cancellation fee and no refund is available. This is due to the fact I schedule and earmark work for each client in my calendar, and if I’ve agreed to work with you then I’ve declined to work with someone else in that allocated time.


    6. Stick to the brief


    a. Once you’ve submitted your requirements, I will produce work according to that brief. By all means, feel free to supply me with additional information relating to the project, however, if you change the actual brief at any point, that also changes the direction of the research and writing, therefore incurs a new invoice to cover the additional work.


    7. One point of contact


    a. To keep things running smoothly, I would prefer to deal with only one point of contact from your side. By all means, discuss with your team/other half/pet your requirements and edits, but one person is to feed back to me on projects to save time and confusion.


    8. Unpaid test pieces


    a. Gotcha! I don't do them - so don't ask. I understand you may want to see a sample of my work before you invest in my services - which is completely reasonable - so please get in touch where I can send you a link to my private portfolio of work.